Interested in what’s been happening with Maplopo as of late? You’re in the right place. As of October 2nd, 2020, we’ve decided to excise ourselves from social media on the whole, and report what’s happening with us right here on our own domain. Since the vast majority of readers find us through search and the recommendations of other Japanese literature lovers, we felt it was best to focus our efforts here instead. So more reading, more writing, more translating, and less of “social.” Enjoy.

Doc and Reiko
Team Maplopo

November 26, 2020:

Keeping up with the tradition of releasing new calligraphy from Seri Ichiei when new translations pop, we added a new Botchan parallel text card to the parallel text gallery. There are several in there from Botchan now to help with your Japanese or English language learning! You can check them out in the Natsume Soseki author gallery, as well as in the larger, complete parallel text card gallery. Enjoy.


November 24, 2020:

Added a sneak peak of our English translation of Natsume Soseki’s Botchan to the Literary Translations page. Today’s update includes the short bios of the books cast of characters.


November 7, 2020:

Added a gallery of Doc’s photography work.


October 24, 2020:

Posted a new commentary about Kojima Nobuo’s The American School in Japanese on the Reiko’s Write-ups page.


October 15, 2020:

Posted a new essay fom Doc in Doc’s Desk entitled: The Ritual.


October 12, 2020:

Created a parallel text gallery by author, and added Natsume Soseki and Nakajima Atsushi to kick things off. 


October 9, 2020:

Added a second Natsume Soseki Botchan card to the Japanese to English parallel text gallery (Mr. Pasty Squash)


October 8, 2020:

Added a new Natsume Soseki Botchan card to the Japanese to English parallel text gallery (“It won’t do with that face.”)


October 7, 2020:

Added a draft version of our Maplopo Original, The Rubber Band King of Lopatcong, in Japanese. Keep tabs on it as it comes to life!



October 3, 2020:

Launched the Maplopo News Page. Previous happenings have included the addition of our Japanese to English parallel text gallery with recent entries from: Ogawa Yoko, Natsume Soseki (English / Japanese) translations of Botchan, Murakami Haruki, Akutagawa Ryunosuke, and a ton more.

In prior months we also released our Japanese calligraphy gallery featuring the masterful work of Reiko’s father, Seri Ichei. His work covering Nakajima, Natsume, Dazai, Sakaguchi, Nakanishi, and others is not to be missed.

A tiny video archive also debuted with book trailers and other goodies.

Several new Maplopo Musings have been released with new translations of (Dazai, Sakaguchi and Oda at Bar Lupin, Hayashi Yoshikatsu (photographer of the Bar Lupin shot)modern science fiction writer, Fujii Taiyo), and the biggest news of all is the full release of our entire current Japanese Masters of Story archive (Dazai Osamu, Sakaguchi Ango, Nakajima Atsushi).

We also added the full archive of our Maplopo Reading Circle campaigns, so you can see what you’re signing up for when you sign up for our mailing list.

Things that went away: The Daily Dose (in favor of creating the continually updated parallel text gallery), and the deletion of our Maplopo Twitter account.