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We believe in second language literacy, do you? We’re turning Japanese education right side up and need your help. Check out our open positions. Don’t live in Japan? No worries. We’re 100% distributed here at Maplopo.

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Marketing & Business Development Intern


… so do we.

That’s why we started Maplopo in 2019, and why we need you now. Because while we may have built this little business around books with just two people, we know making a real dent in the publishing and education world will require more spirit, more talent, more ideas, and more action than we can possibly deliver on our own. So, we’re wondering… do you want to help us get there?

We’re on the hunt for a few sharp interns interested in sharing opinions, ideas, strategy and gumption so we can reach more readers, and more students of Japanese. In return, we’ll provide you with an opportunity to learn what marketing, sales, and operations looks like at a small company operating internationally, and the opportunity to put your own imprint on things here at Maplopo as you help us get more done.

Things you’ll have your hands in:

(if you can do all of these things, great. If not, no worries.)

—video and audio editing

—social media marketing strategy and production

—online advertising

—sales outreach to educational and business institutions

—business development with channel partners

All of the above are things we do now… our hope is that you point out things we’re not doing that we should be doing as well. Cool, right?

Why us?

Well, other than the fact that you like the idea of working with a small company in Japan from wherever in the world you live, and you love the heck out of books, you’ll also be getting access to decades worth of business experience in media, marketing, SaaS, sales and operations… all things your immediate super (Doc Kane) has done for most of his life.

And, assuming you’ve knocked it out of the park here at Maplopo HQ when your internship is over, you’ll also get us working our butts off to help you land an even cooler gig once you’re done. Not bad, eh?

How to snag this gig.

1. Don’t send a resume.
2. In a few paragraphs, do let us know why people like working with you, and what sort of sales, marketing, and operations type things you like doing best.
3. Also, let us know how many hours a week you’re free to help. We need help with multiple priorities, and we realize we’ll likely have multiple interns as a result. So, if you have a few hours a week to spare, that is totally cool with us.

And… that’s it! Think of the above as a cover letter of sorts. And, please don’t forget… do not send us a resume. 😉 We’re looking for character and desire more than experience at this point in time. Everything we do can be taught. And everything you will bring to the table is already in you.

Reach out here!

Team Maplopo

P.S. If you can read, write and speak Japanese… AWESOME. But, it’s not required.