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Teams that know and trust one another shoulder risks together. The result? Collaboration in overdrive.

An amazing thing happens when a group of colleagues get together over one of our stories… they engage with one another regardless of language proficiencies, they reflect upon life and work, they uncover new goals—they listen. A good book works wonders with teams, and this three-page story from one of Japan’s Master Storytellers, Dazai Osamu, is one they soon will not forget.

Typically, our Big Box o’ Books comes only with enrollment in our Maplopo for Teams plan. However, we’re now making it available to those who wish to grab it á la carte.

Each Box comes complete with 10 copies of WISH FULFILLED (in both English and Japanese), our aftertalk, and a facilitator guide with all the discussion questions you’ll need for a one-hour session. If you need more than 10 books, you can grab however many you need via this link. If you need more questions, reach out and we can help you tailor questions to your specific needs.

All books are provided to teams at cost. Read, converse, and strengthen your workplace today.

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Turn up the conversations in your workplace with a Big Box o’ Books

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