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Translations and audio recordings to enhance your enjoyment and understanding of Japanese literature


  • 2 free audiobooks (one read by Kimberly Tierney, anime voice-over artist for “Feh!”
  • A limited edition Nakajima Atsushi phone wallpaper pack
  • Autographed copies of Dazai Osamu’s “Wish Fulfilled” in our Dazai Review contest
  • Advanced releases of Dazai, Nakajima, Soseki and Sakaguchi
  • Kindle gift packs

“I came across “Wish Fulfilled,” a self-published translation of a short story by Osamu Dazai, during my periodic search for (new) English translations of his work, which are woefully scarce. It’s a lovely little story, filled with—for Dazai—uncharacteristic optimism and hope in the face of addiction.”

—Steven R. Kraaijeveld, GoodReads #6 most followed reviewer

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