Something Nascent, Maplopo Originals

Something Nascent

An unassuming email introduction meets a welcome response, and two strangers with a fondness for the written word quickly find themselves dreaming of books, and one another, over the course of a dozen or so emails…

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Maplopo originals Rubber Band King

The Rubber Band King of Lopatcong

It’s 1979. The kids on the corner of Bradford & Canterbury can’t wait to see Jimmy the mailman everyday, and their joy is all the happiness he’s seen in months. A very short story about those moments in life we’re often too busy to notice.

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Maplopo originals Rubber Band King -Japanese




Originals, Kohi, MAPLOPO


Inspired by true events, and originally conceived as an animated short taking place in Hokkaido Japan, visit with Nobuo and Michiko—a young couple starting out life in 1939 without an idea as to where things will take them. A love of coffee and cycling across northern Japan somehow manage to help keep them intact throughout it all…

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49 Stars, Maplopo Originals

49 Stars

South Philly, 1959. We like Ike, The Twilight Zone, the Moon, and Alaska and Hawaii. And thirteen year old Sam is in love with the flag and everything it stands for. Is what she’s been brought up to believe, though, reality for everyone in her world, or is she as outdated as those poor flags with one less star?

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