Where will the discovery of your next branch of learning take you?

From Roots to Branches—our Process:

Iterative. Intuitive. Expansive. To respect educational principles is to build upon them. Our highly collaborative, growth-oriented methodology entwines trusted pedagogy with new forms of active learning and is designed to address current wants while also preparing learners for needs not yet imagined. No matter the environment, we help learners internalize the Japanese language… from roots to branches.



Envision & Inspire

We source and select a Japanese short story with universal appeal and modern themes and challenges with which we can all relate.

Bespoke programs have us jointly discussing desired learning outcomes, and assembling visionary team members who wish to benefit from increased growth opportunities.


Design & Empower

Courses are holistically modeled, as unique as the story itself, and scaffolded with today’s modern Japanese language learner in mind.

Bespoke program partners work with us to understand the evolution of the project, timelines, and integration with existant business objectives and measurement tools.


Build & Scale

We translate the story, craft all quizzes and problem sets, produce all audio & video, and write the textbook. 100% people-powered; zero AI.

Bespoke content is tailored specific to your business needs, and we support you in preparing, motivating and informing team members as to what to expect before during and after launch.


Implement & Sustain

We release and iterate further based on feedback from learners and as technology and pedagogical advances create new opportunities.

Partners evaluate successes and together we help guide employees sucessfully through the program while supporting further development of business objectives.

Recognizing 文節 is challenging yet critical for Japanese language learners, and it was a nice surprise to see your worksheet explaining it so well in English—which is not even easy for Japanese natives.

Tomoko Jo headshot

Tomoko Jo
Adult Education Transition Coordinator Lake Land College

Educational Principles:

Each element of our approach is designed with learners at the center. Colloquially, what does it take to get language to stick? What methods can we integrate into the immersive short story experience so learners can continually build upon knowledge they already possess, while scaffolding upward to new and advanced understanding regardless of their perceived place on the literacy spectrum.


Skills-Focused Learning Icon

Skills-Focused Curriculum

Designed with your professional and personal growth in mind, our modern story-based curriculum pushes and pulls you toward greater fluency, literacy, and cultural competence; giving you skills you can use today, and skills you can carry with you wherever you may roam.  See the Syllabus

Evidence-Based Pedagogy Icon

Evidence-Based Pedagogy

Learning that’s based on learning: respect the tried-and-true, and embrace what’s working now. The Maplopo Method is inspired by learning science, thrives on observation, and is improved upon daily through the digestion of  accumulative feedback—like any good bit of engineering.

Outcomes-Based Assessment Icon Frame

Outcomes-Driven Assessment

In story, the mentor archetype serves as guide and ally to the protagonist. Purposeful assessments play the same role. Knowledge of our limitations paired with a clear path beyond them, and a keen perception of our strengths so we can aim skyward provides us with the master key.

Technology-Enabled Delivery Icon

Technology-Enabled Delivery

The course is built to capitalize on available and future learning modalities. Existing program technologies allow for personalized interleaving so learners have access to a variety of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities catered to their ever-shifting language journey. Platform

I don’t think I could have done it without Maplopo, as lately my confidence in my skills has been steadily increasing thanks to you guys and the program.

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Irene Borgatti
Freelance Translator

For Individuals

Our foundational program. Designed for independent, driven, serious learners of Japanese. The Individuals program is more hands-off than our bi-annual sessions, and far less deadline driven. Still, it comes with opportunities for one-on-one feedback from a writing instructor and our ¥20,000 completion bonus when you finish, and is probably the right program for you if you need to advance your Japanese as asynchronously as possible. Learn more

Fall & Spring Sessions

A big step up in intensity and commitment, our bi-annual programs run 15-weeks and are packed with with input and output opportunities as well as personal interaction with the group, instructors and TAs. We welcome a wide variety of learners in our open sessions, and also run programs that cater to specific business and professional verticals. If accountability and a more interactive course environment is more your style, our Fall or Spring session may be for you. Learn more

For Teams

Management and talent professionals looking to head off nascent, or unexposed communication challenges in the multilingual workplace, can take advantage of Maplopo for Teams. Work with us to create a private group experience, or have team members enroll in the foundational Individuals course at any time. With Teams your employees will communicate more, learn more and build more. Plans start with as few as seven employees. Learn more

For the Enterprise

Our bespoke business communication solution. Designed in partnership with you using our foundational Individuals program at its core, learning and assessment elements are re-imagined with your business needs in mind; close alignment on strategies and goals ensures your company benefits throughout and beyond the program. If you’ve reviewed our program options and want to see if Maplopo might be a fit, please do reach out

Now Accepting Applications for the Fall, 2024 Session

Maplopo is the only immersive, synchronous AND asynchronous program specifically designed to help intermediate and advanced learners internalize the Japanese language through the power of story. Over the span of 15 weeks, we provide learners with the knowledge, structure, and accountability needed to break through learning ceilings so they can close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Participants gain access to the language on a deeper level and learn how to use these skills through hands-on work and training from top instructors and professionals both inside and outside Japan.

Program Begins:


Priority Application Deadline:

Final Application Deadline:

Live Sessions:

Live Session Times:

Monday, September 2, 2024

Monday, December 9, 2024

Friday, May 31, 2024

Friday, August 2, 2024

Weekly for the last seven weeks

A future agreed upon time (JST)

Program Begins:


Priority Deadline:

Final Deadline:

Live Sessions:

Live Session Times:

Mon, Sept 2, 2024

Mon, Dec 9, 2024

Fri, May 31, 2024

Fri, Aug 2, 2024

Weekly/wks 9-15

To be agreed upon