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Become a Maplopo partner and join us in sharing the beauty of Japanese literature and language with others. Whether your desire is to bring language and literature to your workplace, your school, or your community we look forward to helping you make that a reality.

Maplopo Library

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Introduce your students to new and first-time translations from Japan’s master storytellers with our Masters of Story collection, and bolster motivation with intermediate Japanese language students in and out of the classroom with Maplopo.

♦  Students at partner schools are provided with a cash-back completion bonus after finishing the entire Dazai Osamu 水仙 course. Students enrolled at accredited academic institutions anywhere in the world are eligible.

♦ PDF downloads of all translated stories, and author copy pricing on all of our books (you’ll pay only a small postage and handling fee to mail things from New Jersey to your school)

♦ Complimentary, hassle-free access to the Maplopo Schoolhouse demo environment provided to help you visualize and evaluate the program


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Provide your customers in the education, government, and business sectors with a best-in-class Japanese language program suited to the demands of today’s language learners.

Maplopo is the only Japanese language learning program of its kind, and it is designed to get results, and fuel student participation in their own learning.

♦ Competitive compensation structure

♦ Flexible packaging opportunities

♦ “Most-Favored-Nation-Pricing” creates broad appeal

♦ Ongoing sales and marketing training and support

♦ Sales incentives and quarterly promotions to help you make the most of your relationship with us

♦ Complimentary, hassle-free access to the Maplopo demo environment provided to help you visualize and evaluate the program


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Business Partners

Give your team members access to one of the coolest benefits possible—the gift of language. Attract with appeal from a narrow talent pool, increase employee retention, and boost the effectiveness and confidence of your team with Maplopo.

♦ Brand your recruiting efforts with Maplopo to attract highly motivated, fluency-minded Japanese language professionals

♦ Meet and surpass the rising demand for education perks by allowing staff to upskill on their own time, and wherever they learn best

♦ An affordable, $4,200 USD annual licensing fee for 7 seats, and a one-time $100 seat charge for each enrolled student. This $100 fee is returned to each student upon completion. In addition, learners who complete the course get a $100 cash back bonus for finishing. (pricing as of 6.28.2023)

♦ “Most-Favored-Nation-Pricing” means all companies enjoy the same fair rate

♦ Full access to the learning modules to track employee progress in the course

♦ Complimentary, hassle-free access to the Maplopo demo environment provided to help you visualize and evaluate the program


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Earn a commission for every paying individual or teams customer who enrolls in Maplopo using your personal link.

♦  Enjoy referral rates that scale up based on the number you send to us, and your length of time as a partner

♦ Ongoing affiliate support and training, and access to special Maplopo promotions


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Why Partner With Maplopo?

Best-in-class, Japanese Language Learning

The EdTech marketplace is overflowing with beginner language apps encouraging learners in the belief that a language can be learned with little to no actual effort. As educators, we know the opposite is true—learning is hard. And it takes time. A lot of time.

Maplopo was designed to address the needs of the motivated learner who wants to reduce the ceiling on their learning, not learn a few basic words and call it a day.

There is nothing like Maplopo, and when you partner with us and begin to be exposed to the feedback we’re so privileged to hear as well, you’ll understand why.

Get Training and Support

No matter where you fit in our partner ecosystem, we’re here to help. So, whether you’re in need of ideas as to how to incorporate our tools into a curriculum, or how to best pitch Maplopo to your customers, we’re at the ready for you.

Attract and Retain Talent

Stellar employees invest in their own learning. And, companies that want to work with such talent underwrite the types of courses these employees desire.

Given the vast array of learning tools included within Maplopo, our course remains an affordable, and competitively priced solution for dedicated learners. However, it’s certainly not cheap. When you partner with us to reduce the cost of the program for your team, everyone wins.

Gain Recurring Revenue

If you’re considering becoming an affiliate partner or reseller, we’ll ensure you have all the tools you need to properly position Maplopo in the marketplace, so your firm and your customers get the most out of working with us.