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At Maplopo, helping to expand the reach of Japanese writing is our mission. Explore with us this brilliant world of words.

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Never miss our full and abridged short story releases by becoming a member of our Reading Circle. So far, we’ve released English translations of Dazai Osamu, Nakajima Atsushi, Sakaguchi Ango, and Natsume Soseki. More from Dazai and Sakaguchi is on deck in 2022! Simply sign up and enjoy.

Featured Work: Wish Fulfilled

As we edge toward the 75th anniversary of Osamu Dazai’s death, much of his masterful prose remains surprisingly unknown to most English language readers. This observational vignette written by a youthful Dazai offers a lovely introduction to the introspective master widely known and loved in Japan.

This semi-autobiographical account should serve as a nice introduction to those unaware of Dazai’s genius. For those well aware of his talents (and possibly the several decade-old translation of this particular work) this updated translation in English provides a fresh look at this masterful vignette.

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