Chiro for My Little Artist, MAPLOPO

My Little Artist

Art is everywhere if we extend our antennae to sense it. In the street. At the shop. Or, on the bus. If polished daily, our antennae stay bright like sharp knives, and we will surely be able to pick up, appreciate, and savor life’s beauty. You certainly don’t need to go to a museum or art exhibit to experience this joy.

A few days ago, I was once again reminded of this. With my little artist in my den. Early in the afternoon, I was standing in the kitchen waiting for water in the kettle to boil. My dog, Chiro, was resting calmly in the center of the living room staring out the window. His eyes were fixated on something in that particular direction. So perfectly still he sat in Sphinx pose like an elegant, noble lion. His eyes remained in place as I continued to watch him gazing into God knows what. I wondered what was keeping his attention so… I stood there looking at him and wishing he would notice me looking at him. I secretly prayed to myself in Japanese, “Look at me, look at me, look at me, baby…” Then he slowly and quietly turned his head in my direction and was now looking straight through me with a gaze so tranquil it was divinely artistic. “Chi-po-po, you’re so beautiful.” This little artist of mine never fails to keep me inspired right here in our very own home.

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