Ah… welcome! So, you’re interested in what used to be secret news around here… cool. You’re in the right spot. Here’s the scoop. Because we decided to offer up all of our translated works right here for free on Maplopo.com beginning in August of 2020, we thought it might be nice to also share what used to be our private mailing list notices that began in November of 2019. 

Why do that?

Well, for two reasons mainly. First because we thought it would be cool for you to see the sort of things we’ve sent out in the past, and because it might help you decide on signing up overall. You’ll see that we offer bonuses to the list, like the Nakajima Atsushi audiobook, a Dazai Osamu audiobook, Nakajima screensavers, and access and referrals to other cool stuff. Plus, you’ll see quite clearly that we’re not bombarding the list with messages. This is basically how often you’ll hear from us. Hardly ever!

But, each time it’ll be with cool stuff. 

So, please sign up if you’d like in. You can do that below. In the meantime, enjoy the archives!

Doc and Reiko
Team Maplopo