“I Wish I Learned Japanese Like This.”

Serious learners of Japanese know how hard it is to learn a language.

We all know about the long hours…, the obstacles, and the plateaus that seem to stretch on forever. We also know the reward that comes from never giving up. Because, to us, learning is far too important a goal to ever be placed on the back burner. Learning, for us, isn’t just something we do.

It’s every ounce of who we are.

We forage for methods that usher us past plateaus and pay hefty dividends…

* Seek out and discover new pathways that elevate our reading and writing skills, and work with material written by Japan’s master storytellers. Writers like Dazai Osamu. We…

* Punch through difficult vocabulary, grammar, syntax, phrasing, and style, by using coursework that motivates us, and is designed intentionally for serious learners of Japanese.

Applying paper and technology; we work alone and together. And aim, always, for learning that’s comprehensive and fun.

—Because we want to:

* Uncover WHY Japanese works the way it does. And, we want to do so using material that’s clear and engaging.

* Soak up natural Japanese with all manner of spoken and written sentences… all downloadable.

* Vanquish unfamiliar vocabulary with audio Anki decks.

* Solidify grammar points by taking pen to paper.

* Celebrate wins in a supportive, modest, online community.

Everything in one place.

100+ lesson modules.

1,000+ practice sentences.

ONE Story. Dazai’s 水仙.

Maplopo. Experience a lifetime of learning.

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