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The Dazai Osamu 水仙 Intermediate To Advanced Japanese Textbook

Complimentary Practice Tests From Maplopo Schoolhouse


Last updated: March 25, 2023

FREE Intermediate Japanese Practice Tests With Answer Keys

Need a break from the standard JLPT N2 and JLPT N3 practice test books? Something with a little more zing to it? Something with a little less wall-to-wall Japanese?

Now you can grab the full 70-page packet of practice tests from Section ONE of 水仙—our course  for Intermediate to Advanced Japanese Language Learners (26 lessons in all).

And, unlike many other Japanese textbooks, you also get the answer keys so you can measure your progress as you run through the practice problems.

The only thing missing are the grammar workbook explanations (click to download the complete lesson for EP30. ちがいない), as they’re reserved for students enrolled in the course. But, hey… free practice tests are always a good thing, right? 

Team Maplopo

P.S. The packet now comes with the full workbook lesson and answer key for episode 38 as well… the not so simple, 〜と.

Dazai Practice Tests 3D Book Cover, SP