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Season ONE—水仙 (Page Eight)


EP.8 Summary, Paragraph TWO, Dazai Osamu (太宰治), Daffodil (水仙)

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So, in this second paragraph we… we learned who  this lord Tadanao is… that Dazai has introduced us to.

And, it seems as though he’s a younger lord…  and he’s quite good with a sword actually and at this point of the story we meet him he’s just finished up a tournament of sorts… with his retainers. And, he’s kind of roundly beat each one of them one by one. And he’s maybe gloating a little bit and feeling quite good  about himself and he’s out for a little stroll in his garden.

And… he’s, uh, out walking and he hears,  uh, in the distance this kind of nasty whispers coming from the darkness far off in the garden…  and, uh, he stops to listen… and it turns out that two of his retainers are are kind of gossiping…  and one of them says, uh… “The lord has gotten quite good these days, hasn’t he? We we don’t have  to try so hard to to let him win.” And the other guy just laughs…

Dazai comes back into the story  as the narrator, and he tells us that what we’re hearing is these two men kind of carelessly  and secretly gossiping there in the garden.

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