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Every once and awhile, we’ll pull a small passage we love from the Maplopo library so we can deliver a translation you likely won’t find anywhere else. Mostly, these will be quick bites, but there will be long ones occasionally. So, if you’re learning Japanese, having Japanese “readers” like these with parallel text might be super-helpful.

Dig in.

These are fun, and super, super rare. And you’ll see them only from Maplopo.

From “A Personal Letter,” by Yaeko Nogami『私信』野上弥生子

A wonderful passage from Yaeko Nogami, and a bit of insight about Yaeko from Critic, Hiroko Takenishi.

From “Iiyoru,” by Seiko Tanabe『言い寄る』田辺聖子

Seiko Tanabe, like a number of Japanese authors wrote in a variety of styles. Her re-telling of the “Tale of Genji” being an interestingly different story than what you’ll read from Seiko in Iiyoru.

From “Tsugaru,” by Osamu Dazai『津軽』太宰治

The first in our JLit, Unvarnished series. A little bit of sass, a little bit of crass. So, probably more than a few swear words. How we think some of this dialog might’ve actually been spoken… and strictly for fun. 😉

Check out this excerpt from Dazai’s Tsugaru.

"On One’s Taste in Women" with Sakaguchi, Oda, and Dazai「座談会 歓楽極まりて哀情多し」より抜粋 坂口安吾・織田作之助・太宰治

We just love this little back’n’forth between Buraiha masters Dazai Osamu, Sakaguchi Ango, and Oda Sakunosuke… reading it these many years later is like being the proverbial fly on the wall. Enjoy!

Bungo Stray Dogs fan? You’ll love this chat between these timeless Japanese literature masters.

"Hello, World!" from Fujii Taiyo『ハロー・ワールド』藤井太洋 

Read this exclusive excerpted English translation of Taiyo Fujii’s “Hello World!”, and learn along with the original Japanese! Taiyo is a respected voice in Japan’s science fiction community and author the best selling books, Gene Mapper and Orbital Cloud. Enjoy!

"About the Frontispiece" by Hayashi Yoshikatsu 「口絵の写真について」林義勝

The back story on that famous picture of Osamu Dazai at Bar Lupin is one you won’t want to miss… Dazai’s got some moxie!